Hillary Babick (b.1989, Dallas, Texas) is a Boston based painter. Her oil and gouache paintings of friends, family, and strangers from instagram explore private vs. public personas and daily life. She is interested in how we behave when no one is watching and when we know we are being watched, finding the tension between private life and curated public persona fascinating. What is ritual? What is performance? How are we subsumed and consumed by our digital experiences? Taking inspiration from genre painting and social media, she explores moments that deserve closer consideration. By elevating an image intended to be viewed on a cell phone and digested quickly through oil painting, she presses pause on rapid media consumption to examine our motivations and beauty in the everyday.

Hillary received her BFA from Boston University in 2011 and the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston recognized her as a 2021 & 2023 finalist for the Walter Feldman Emerging Artist Fellowship. Her work is held in private collections across the country.