Hillary Michelle Babick
Hillary Michelle Babick
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Boston based painter, Hillary Babick graduated from Boston University with a BFA in Painting in 2011.

She explores themes of sleep, death, unconsciousness, and dreams, finding the ambiguity of a person in one of these states as well as the physicality of what happens to the muscles in the face while in repose inspiring.

Currently, her work focuses on two types of subjects, people she knows well and subjects who are removed by a few degrees of separation with the source material pulled from social media streams. Those paintings of family members or close friends are an intimate look into their person often during a moment of vulnerability, slumber, repose, or stupor. The second consists of her Appropriated Strangers series in which she takes far more liberty with the stranger’s narrative. Patterns often play a prominent role in her work, decorating walls, pillows, bedding or couches upon which her subjects “rest”.

Please feel free to contact regarding portrait commissions.